Welcome to SIAWED! A not for profit women organization commenced with the objective of empowering women in our society irrespective of their age, education, social or economic considerations and to unleash the women power for good!

Our goal is to have a collective representation for empowering women to achieve greater gender equality and to gain economical self reliance.

While most Indian women are enlightened today with knowledge, education and social upbringing which has created an awareness for the need to be financially independent and to lead a successful business life, a majority of their counterpart are not so privileged to reach what they aspire for due to lack of economic and social encouragement.

Although the inherent qualities of Indian women and their upbringing can make them successful entrepreneurs, their abilities are largely remaining dormant as they are unaware of the opportunities around them and also due to lack of proper guidance and support.

SIAWED thus aims to help such underprivileged women to come up in life with the help of successful business women who voluntarily undertakes to contribute their share of social responsibility in achieving women empowerment.