About us

Women’s empowerment is a process of women
“identifying their inner strength, opportunities for growth, and their role in reshaping their own destiny”

SIAWED is an association for women and by women formed by a group of like minded individuals who aspires to promote women empowerment as part of their social responsibility in “giving back to the society”.

SIAWED revolve round the principle, women help women. Successful business Women are very much aware of the hurdles existing in the society and who else can promote women welfare than the women themselves?

With our educational background and knowledge, skills and work experience gathered in our respective trade, we have formed this association to act as a platform for the economically downtrodden women to come up successfully in life in whatever fields of their choice.

We strongly believe empowerment of women change lives, communities and whole economies. Empowering women is key to achieve the goals of global development and is good business in every market. When women participate fully in economic life across all sectors and at all levels, local and regional economies stabilize, families are strengthened, innovative businesses thrive and quality of life improves for all, especially for children — boys as well as girls.

What else is needed to have a prosperous and content society?