Support SIAWED!
SIAWED solicits support from retired officials, business persons, academicians, housewives, college students and others who has got an inclination towards empowering women and building a strong force of women entrepreneurs by donating your time, expertise, or through financial support.

We welcome volunteers in the following areas:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Counseling and training
  • Resource person in a specific business activity
  • Technology support
  • Programme co ordination
  • Networking

Prepare Women for Business Creation:
SIAWED helps in forming different business groupssrvs for women according to the nature of business activity and the group leader takes up the responsibility of training and co ordination of the members as per the requisites of business.

The process of group formation gives equal opportunities and treatment to all members thereby empowering women to enhance their self-confidence, social status and economic well-being.

SIAWED help the group members to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge as well as to access supporting organizations in their ambition to become entrepreneurs.

Helps in Developing Strategies for Consolidation and Growth:
SIAWED brings together women from different social and economic background and help them to enhance their income generating activities and thereby improve the quality of life of their families and communities. SIAWED has in its panel, eminent and successful women from different fields of business and with their rich educational and business background will be acting as mentors for the chosen business activities of SIAWED.